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Every college essay is an inescapable part of studying process. Here are some tips for you to master you college essay writing

How to Write a College Essay?

As you’re visiting this page, it means that you received one of those tricky college essay topics and found yourself staring at the screen with blank paper on it absolutely in a gridlock. You don’t know what to write? Can’t figure out how to avoid making it look pointless? You have evidence, facts, and experience, but you don’t know how to construct this all in a text with logical intro, body and conclusion, right? There is a way out: your goal is to organize yourself and start to act effectively.

There are two solutions: good and even better. Both of them need immediate action. Proceed to reading!

Step 1: Brainstorm!

You are at the start right now, on the hardest stage of essay writing. You need to brainstorm around on your assignment, make notes to gather your ideas. Write down everything that comes to your mind, go for a walk, listen to music, do anything that will refresh your mind and will help you come up with ideas.

Step 2: Draft

Start writing down all the thoughts you got about this subject, and you will see your essay more clearly. Don’t worry about grammar and punctuation, as you will have enough time on it on the stage 4. Write down everything that you came up with, use your notes. After that, you can start editing your work. It is important to start your essay beforehand, so you will have enough time for editing.

Step 3: Write

The essential part of your essay is its construction. You should always remember that there is a standard frame for every essay, no matter whether it is for high school, college or university. There are three main parts of an essay you have to keep to:

  • Introduction – here you need to do two things: introduce your topic and provide statements of the main idea. Introduction in college essaysis usually limited with one paragraph.
  • Body – here you will support your thesis with arguments, reasons and evidence, etc. Body of your essay should consist of at least few paragraphs. You have to use only one statement per paragraph and make transition between paragraphs to connect them.
  • Conclusion (or summary) – this is where you repeat your statement slightly otherwise presented, and include few sentences highlighting what you wrote in the body of your essay.

When writing a standard college essay, you should place your summary in one paragraph.

Step 4: Feedback is important

Ask your parents, relatives or friends to read your work and tell what they think about it. If it’s possible, bring your draft to your teacher for checking out if there are any mistakes in it. This will allow you to look at your essay from different perspective.

Step 5: Revision, revision and revision again!

After you finished your draft, you should spend some time to revise your work and look for mistakes in:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Structure
  • Tenses  

Your work can have flawless style but these mistakes can really ruin the impression from your essay so do your best to avoid them because your grade depends from it too. Search for college essay examples in similar topics and compare them with your essay, look for elements that need revision.

After you finished all these steps you can take your essay, turn it in and patiently wait for your “A”.

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